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Hackerrank – Draw the Triangle 2 – SQL – Solution

A slightly more difficult solution, Hackerrank draws on it’s previous question in of Draw the Triangle 1, with Draw the Triangle 2. Let’s jump into it. The problem P(R) represents a pattern drawn by Julia in R rows. The following pattern represents P(5): Write a query to print the... Continue Reading

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Hackerrank – SQL – Aggregate – Top Earners Solution

Here’s a quick an easy SQL Hackerrank solution for one of the last “aggregate” courses. It’s an interesting one because you can end up overthinking your approach. The problem We define an employee’s total earnings to be their monthly salary x months  worked, and the maximum total earnings to be... Continue Reading

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YourDigitalAid is a collection of all things digital, real world and whatever else I wanted to write about. I’m a product-person by day and a scrappy digital-technepreneur by night. As you probably know, everything here is an anecdote, but being a good data driven individual, I will try to back up everything I do with results.

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