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13 most important SEO ranking factors

You’ve probably found this article because you want to rank on the first page of Google for some keyword. In this modern age, Google search result is one of the main ways for people to get access to information they wouldn’t have 30 years ago.... Continue Reading

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5 best ways to learn web development

When you are unfamiliar with software development, studying programming is the mostdifficult aspect of figuring out how and where to start. Choosing a web developmentlanguage is like pricking pearls and being specific about searching for top webdevelopment languages to make your website a scroll topper.... Continue Reading

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Best Digital Marketing course on Udemy

With the digital marketing industry is set to be as large as $860 billion dollars by 2026, it’s no wonder that there are hundreds of thousands of marketers across the world working with ad budgets, copywriters, content and video producers, to develop, optimize and grow... Continue Reading

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YourDigitalAid is a collection of all things digital, real world and whatever else I wanted to write about. I’m a product-person by day and a scrappy digital-technepreneur by night. As you probably know, everything here is an anecdote, but being a good data driven individual, I will try to back up everything I do with results.

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