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Best Excel Udemy courses of all time

Microsoft Excel is a great tool, which has been used by millions of professionals in dozens of industries for over two and a half decades. If you’re new to Excel, you’re in for a treat because Udemy has some amazing courses in Excel. That’s because... Continue Reading

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How to bring Agile into your everyday life

Everyone wants to think bigger, get things moving faster, and waste far less time in their day-to-day activities. But many individuals don’t know how to achieve these at a personal level, especially those who don’t know how to apply Agile to anything.  However, if you... Continue Reading

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PMI-ACP Exam Review

Hi there! Welcome to my study guide for the PMI-ACP exam. I passed the PMI-ACP exam in mid December 2020 with Above Target in all categories, except one, with very little formal training, less than $200 USD, and a positive agile attitude. I was also... Continue Reading

One part agile, another part digital – all parts passion.

YourDigitalAid is a collection of all things digital, real world and whatever else I wanted to write about. I’m a product-person by day and a scrappy digital-technepreneur by night. As you probably know, everything here is an anecdote, but being a good data driven individual, I will try to back up everything I do with results.

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