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How to add a Udemy certificate to LinkedIn

You’ve finally done a few Udemy courses to pad your pedigree of knowledge, or learn a new set of skills altogether. Now it’s time to showcase all of those learnings in a public place in a clean and organized manner. This is so recruiters or... Continue Reading

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The Best SQL courses on Udemy

 SQL (structured query language) is probably the most popular database organizational language in the world. Whether it’s saving your work on a website, writing tickets on your Jira board at work or deleting old account files from a video game – databases are at the... Continue Reading

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YourDigitalAid is a collection of all things digital, real world and whatever else I wanted to write about. I’m a product-person by day and a scrappy digital-technepreneur by night. As you probably know, everything here is an anecdote, but being a good data driven individual, I will try to back up everything I do with results.

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