7 Best Java courses on Udemy

Publish Date - January 31st, 2023


Last Modified - October 23rd, 2023

If you are looking to learn Java (the programming language not coffee 🙂 ), there is no better place than Udemy. With an array of top-notch tutorials, projects and apps to build in the platform, it’s easy to find a java course that suits your learning needs.

This article is meant to educate and provide high quality Udemy courses to future and current java programmers. Some of these courses are intended to provide aspiring or current software engineers the following:

  • Ability to pass java certifications
  • core java skills for user interfaces like websites and machinery
  • Understanding of APIs, algorithms and data structures
  • Usage of different IDEs like Eclipse and NetBeans.

One of the best things about Udemy online courses, is their lifetime access and the ability to access other courses coding languages JavaScript, Python, PHP, C++ and their relevant frameworks. Whether you’re learning K8s, or UI / UX design – Udemy has it all!

Here is a summary of the 7 best Java courses on Udemy

CategoryRatingsFrameworks | Highlights
1. Best Java course overall4.6 / 5 stars – 185k+ reviewsJava 11, Java FX, Lambda expressions, DBs, Java 9,
OOP in Java, IntelliJ, Unit tests, Network programming
2. Best QA automation Java course4.6 / 5 stars – 104k+ reviewsTestNG, MAVEN,ANT, JENKINS,LOG4J, CUCUMBER, HTML REPORTS
,EXCEL API, GRID PARALLEL TESTING, Selenium from design to inception
3. Best beginner Java course4.4 / 5 stars – ~16k reviewsFull Java bootcamp, one project, exception handling, lambda, HashMap,
threads, HashSet, TreeSet and Sorted Lists.
4. Best Java course for Oracle cert prep4.7 / 5 stars – 9.3k+ reviewsPrep for Oracle exams 1Z0-819 & 1Z0-817
5. Best eCommerce Java course
(w/ Spring Boot)
4.7 / 5 stars – 8.7k+ reviewsBuild Angular, React, Typescript, spring boot eCommerce store
and a launch it with Stripe API.
6. Developing Minecraft plugins in Java4.8 / 5 stars – 3.5k +reviewsBuild Minecraft plugins!
7. Best beginner Java course w/ Spring boot4.5 / 5 stars – ~38k+ reviewsJava 8 – Java 16, with Spring boot and using Spring Data
To see more on each course, read below!

Best overall Java Programming Masterclass updated to Java 17 by Tim Buchalka


This comprehensive java programming course covers all aspects of java programming from basic concepts such as variables, data types, classes and objects all the way through object-oriented principles using inheritance and polymorphism. Topics include working with collections and generics, graphics with javafx, java 8 features and java 17 updates. This course core java fundamentals, which is why it’s so popular on Udemy with students.


  • Hours and hours of coding
  • Looks at old content in Java 11 but provides Java 17 information
  • There’s a great layout to this course, it starts small and scales with you if you’re truly a beginner. In contrast, some courses Udemy like data science, machine learning and React don’t do that – they throw you in imagining you’re an expert after a 5 hour crash course.


  • Easily longest course I’ve audited on Udemy. It says 101 hours, if you actually go through this, you’ve done at least 150.
  • I wish he’d done some workup to an Oracle Java certification, so that you have something to show for this beast of a course other than the knowledge.
  • Only mentioning of spring framework (web) or android development (which are applied outputs for Java) and very popular.

The instructor:

Tim has created dozens of courses and has hundreds of thousands (if not millions of students). He’s got a great understanding of hardware and software, plus has published many videos, articles and topics about Java. It’s definitely a plus to have him teaching you one of the toughest coding languages (other than C++).

What students say:

Detailed explaination of JAVA language, by our instructor, Tim sir. I really love the way he teaches. He puts his 100% effort to make us understand each concept. Also he repeats certain things taught by him in previous videos, in subsequent videos, so that students don’t forget the key concepts. This course is completely worthit.

Suyash (5 / 5 stars) – August 2023

This was the course in programming for me, before i only studied on my own for 4 years in different languages. And this one was really good. However sometimes i found that the exercises in this course are almost the same as in the video, that is not bad but i expected more diversity. I would totaly recomend this course to my frieds that want to study java. Everything was very good explainded, i think that even begginer would understand it’s contents.

Dzmitry Y. (5 / 5 stars) – August 2023


While I’ve done articles on web development, python and other types of software development disciplines, this is one of the most comprehensive courses I’ve seen to date. The instructor is a fluent in Java, amongst other coding languages. Get this course if you’re ready to dive into the deep end of Java, don’t if you’re not ready.

Check out this course on Udemy

Best QA automation Java course Selenium WebDriver with Java by Rahul Shetty and Skill Up Academy

This course covers the basics of java programming and also discusses advanced java concepts such as multithreading, collections and exception handling. Learn how to build frameworks using TestNG, PageObject model, DataDriven framework, Hybrid Framework, BDD framework (Cucumber) and more.


  • One of the only decent courses I’ve seen on Selenium webdriver and Java on Udemy. Rahul really dives deep into how to set-up testing and automate said tests with Maven.
  • Great little analysis of Excel testing for spread sheets and a crash course on GIT version control.
  • Has a list of interview questions at the end to help prepare you for interviews regarding Selenium.


  • Has a small Java tutorial at the end.. why at the end? While you don’t need to be fluent in Java, it’s not really basics -> advanced -> frameworks. It’s basics -> frameworks -> advanced -> basics?
  • Some of the of bonus features like defect tracking tool will just confuse learners.

The instructor:

Rahul Shetty is a certified, testing with over 10 years of experiences in IT and automation testing. With over hundreds of thousands of students, Rahul received most of his professional engineering skills as a fullstack automation tester at Microsoft. He has 22 courses and counting in DevOPs, automation testing, API automation, Selenium testing in Java and Python.

What students say:

This course is really useful and I learned a lot from this course. Special thanks to RahulShetty for this wonderful course

Thirupalani M. – 5 / 5 stars – August 2023

This course is great if you are initiating with test automation or if you have experience (my case), the instructor explain in detail all the topics, use very nice examples, I think there is no other course like this. Very happy with the acquired knowlegde.

Praveen G. – 5 / 5 stars – August 2023


While English isn’t his first language, Rahul is the real deal in automation testing. His approaches to QA automation are solid and from a reputable company like Microsoft. While he doesn’t offer free courses, if you visit his LinkedIn, he will offer discounts to his courses. If you’re looking to start (or evolve, since he has many courses for intermediate or experts) take one of Rahul’s courses now.

Check out this course on Udemy

Best course to start learning Java – Java Programming: Complete Beginner to Advanced – by CodeInAcademy

This comprehensive java course is perfect for absolute beginners who want to learn java from scratch or experienced java developers looking to get up-to-date with modern java programming. Learn the fundamentals of java including java variables, objects, classes and methods. Also learn topics such as java 8 features, java 9 modules and java collections.


  • Not as long as the other courses, but completely geared for an absolute noob.
  • Similar to other bootcamps, so if you know a coding language already – you’ll just need to acclimatize to the syntax.


  • This is not a Fullstack course, there’s no quality projects or exams at the end – and you will not be an expert by the end of it. However, you will have a grasp on Java.
  • The coach from CodeInAcademy is difficult to understand sometimes due to his accent. As a native English speaker, I found myself going back sometimes and switching on subtitles..

The instructor:

Overall, the skill and understanding of java coding is understood by CodeInAcademy. While they’re all “Certified Java programmers”, you’re not getting the credentials of someone in a more popular course like the one’s listed above, or one on Coursera. That being said, the content in the two courses they have are relatively well structured and easy to understand.

What students say:

very informative and love the examples ,the simplicity.Best Java tutorial ever <3

Rohit D. – 5 / 5 stars – August 2023

With this course I clarified a lot of things that I didn’t understand earlier in Java. It’s a great course, the teaching style is exactly what I was looking for, breaking down each topic in simple words.

Rodrigo B. – 5 / 5 stars – July 2023


Not bad for a beginner course, but the course is lacking in the quizzes, tests and projects. I would only recommend this to someone if you’re just starting out in Java. CodeInAcademy is great for beginners, not so much for folks who already have skill in the language.

Check this course out on Udemy Now!

Best Java bootcamp on Udemy with Orcale certification prep – Preparation to Java SE 11 Developer Exam: 1Z0-819 & 1Z0-817

This Oracle Certification Java 11 LearnIt course on Udemy is a great way to prepare for the Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 11 Developer certification. It covers all of the exam objectives with real-world examples and hands-on exercises to give you the knowledge and skills necessary to pass the exam with flying colors. The instructor is knowledgeable, helpful, and provides detailed explanations throughout each lesson. With over 10 hours of video content and supplemental materials such as quizzes, practice exams, and downloadable study guides, this course is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to become an Oracle Certified Associate.


  • This course focuses on helping you pass Oracle Certification (Java Certification) Java 11 1Z0-819, 1Z0-809 & 1Z0-817 with example and home tasks.
  • It will also provide general walkthrough of basic to advanced functions in Java. You’ll start out learning things like conditionals, loops (like a normal coding language) and progress into more modern topics.
  • Good homework on JDBC, DAO and SQL.


  • You must know Java before doing this course. The “crash course” is exactly that, you’ll spend maybe 10 – 15 minutes reviewing methods, functions, classes etc.. when these are entire topics and courses in university. The crash course is meant as a refresher, not a replacement in syntax fluency.
  • Adrii Piatakha (the author of this course), is a project manager – not a engineer (anymore). The course has clearly been audited by Learn IT University which has over 30 coding courses.

The instructor:

  • Adrii talks about the topics in this course, which have been curated by Learn IT University. I dislike that due to the speaker not having intrinsic knowledge on the subject and therefore only acting as a showpiece.

What students say:

es un excelente curso estoy aprendiendo mucho

Yadira H. – 5 / 5 stars – November 2022

So far it’s not looking like a certification-oriented course but a regular java course like so many others, I hope it gets better in the next classes.

Vanessa P. – 2.5 / 5 stars – April 2022


This is the best course I could find on Udemy for these specific certifications. While the reviews are okay, I would only advise taking this course if you’re looking to pass the Oracle certifications. While their team does a good job showcasing Java EE, this is also not a course for beginners. This course, by Dr. Seán Kennedy OCA, OCP, seems very good but has a small amount of reviews. Sean actually has the oracle certifications and has a doctorate in informational technologies – so he knows a thing or two about Java :).

Start studying for your Oracle certifications Now!

Best Java course for eCommerce and Spring – Full Stack: Angular and Java Spring Boot E-Commerce Website

This Full-Stack Angular Spring Boot Tutorial is an online course designed to help you learn the fundamentals of full stack web development. This course is tailored for beginners and intermediate developers alike who want to build modern, production-ready applications using Angular on the frontend and Spring Boot/Java on the backend. You will also be equipped with essential knowledge related to best practices in deploying your apps to popular cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

In this tutorial, you’ll begin by learning the basics of both Angular and Spring Boot frameworks. Then, you’ll progress into developing a basic CRUD application that can be used as a foundation for further projects. After that, you’ll deploy the app to an environment.


  • Chad (the author) specializes in these types of courses. He has courses on Spring & Hibernate, Spring boot unit testing and of course, Angular and Spring boot.
  • He is also very well spoken and has created an enjoyable course.
  • You actually get to deploy something at the end!


  • You need to know Typescript, React, Angular, Java (Spring boot), MySQL and web technologies, to truly grasp this course – that’s a lot.
  • You’ll go through programs, IDEs and multiple software very fast – so it can be difficult to keep up.


Chad is a great teacher, and is an engineer through and through. He’s worked at a number of major companies including Blue cross, Red Hat, Northrop Grumman and many startups. He also knows the code and provides little neat tricks and tips which are expected by an expert.

What do students say?

Pour un jeune dĂ©veloppeur comme moi, ce cours m’a aidĂ© Ă  beaucoup m’amĂ©liorer. Il m’a permis de gagner en compĂ©tence, d’apprendre de nouvelles choses que je ne connaissais sur le framework Angular. Bref il m’a permis d’ĂŞtre beaucoup plus autonome. Je le recommande fortement.Petite suggestion: Je veux qu’il nous fasse un cours complet sur l’authentification JWT avec Spring boot Angular dans une application de chat sous forme de messagerieShow less

Ibrahima Kaba D. – 5 / 5 stars – August 2023

Thank you so much for this great course! Complex topics are explained in a very easy fashion. Chads voice is friendly and soothing so it’s even easier to code along.

Therese C. – 5 / 5 stars – August 2023


This is a solid course if you want to learn how to spin up your own eCommerce course with Spring boot. Chad also has a number of other courses for Spring & Hibernate and Unit testing which are also highly reviewed.

Check out this course and build your own eCommerce store now!

Develop Minecraft Plugins (Java) – by John Purcell

Learn how to write plugins for the popular game Minecraft using java. This course covers all aspects of java programming from variables and data types through object-oriented principles including inheritance, polymorphism and encapsulation. You will also develop your own custom Minecraft plugin in this course and use them in-game!


  • Meticulous walkthrough talk through on how to use the relevant APIs, design plugins and deploy them into Minecraft.
  • It’s Minecraft plugins.. that’s just cool.
  • Lectures are well written, hands on and the speaker is well spoken.


  • No other point to taking this course other than building Minecraft plugins.
  • The crash course in Java isn’t the best (recommend taking other courses to learn Java programming)

The instructor:

Stephen King is a software engineer / director at a company called Virtual Ventures. However, his name may be a pseudonym, paying homage to the famous author. Ultimately, Virtual Ventures is a company that builds tools for other companies, so it makes sense that “Mr. King”, would be good at creating plugins for such a popular game like Minecraft.

What students say:

The best course on udemy I did and it has a very cool discord.

Phil W. – 5 / 5 stars – August 2023

An in depth and challenging course, well worth doing. Now comes the hard part- putting it into use,

Roland John F. – 5 / 5 stars- August 2023


One of the highest rated Java courses on Udemy, and while it’s taught by someone who hides their real name – the course is high quality and packed full of cool concepts and transferable skills. Pick up this course if you’re hoping to do something cool and different with Java.

Build plugins for Minecraft now!

Best Full Java programming course for noobs – Java Programming for Complete Beginners (special mention)

This course is a comprehensive java course on Udemy that has been designed to help you learn Java quickly and easily. This java course offers an introduction to the Java language, including detailed explanations of concepts such as variables, classes, data types, control structures and more. It also covers advanced topics like object-oriented programming and web applications. The lessons are accompanied by interactive exercises for hands-on practice.

This is a great alternative to CodeInAcademy’s course if you’re looking for something a little more in-depth. I’ve mentioned it as an alternative due to it’s similarity to CodeInAcademy’s course. However, that course has a higher rate for now.

What did students think about this course?

Wonderful course for beginner who have no knowledge of JAVA earlier, great place to get started.

Anita A. – 5 / 5 stars – August 2023

It is a great course, I am glad I took it. However, I wish there were more things that talk about Security, like how I can make my spring boot backend secure.

Adonay T. – 5 / 5 stars – June 2023

Start your Java adventure with this course!


No matter what your learning goals are, you can find a java course that’s right for you on Udemy. With java courses ranging from beginner to advanced levels, you can be sure to find the best java course that meets your needs. So what are you waiting for? Get started learning java today!

Which Java course is best in Udemy for beginners?

The best Java course for beginners on Udemy is the Complete Java Masterclass: Beginner to Expert by Tim Buchalka’s Learn Programming Academy and Jake Dalton. This course provides a comprehensive introduction to Java, including basic syntax, data types, object-oriented programming principles, and more advanced topics like collections, generics, and lambda expressions

Is it worth to learn Java from Udemy?

The answer is a resounding “Yes”! Udemy is one of the best places to learn Java online, offering courses that are great for both beginners and experienced programmers. With courses from some of the most established and renowned instructors, Udemy offers something for everyone.

Is Java still a popular coding language?

The answer to this question is yes, Java is still a viable coding language. It is one of the most popular programming languages worldwide, and continues to be used in many applications such as web development, software development, mobile apps, game development and more. Its popularity stems from its powerful features that provide developers with an easy-to-use syntax.

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    “Java Programming Masterclass for Software Developers”: Comprehensive Java course covering basics to advanced topics.

    “Java In-Depth: Become a Complete Java Engineer!”: Deep dive into Java with practical coding exercises.

    “Complete Java Masterclass: Learn Java from Scratch”: A comprehensive course for a strong Java foundation.

    “Data Structures and Algorithms in Java”: Learn data structures and algorithms for efficient problem-solving.

    “Java Spring Tutorial Masterclass – Learn Spring Framework 5”: In-depth Spring Framework 5 course with Spring Boot, Data, and Security.

    “Java Multithreading, Concurrency & Performance Optimization”: Explore Java’s multithreading and optimization.

    “Selenium WebDriver with Java -Basics to Advanced+Frameworks”: Learn Selenium WebDriver for automation testing.

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