5 best ways to learn web development

Publish Date - June 30th, 2022


Last Modified - November 18th, 2023

When you are unfamiliar with software development, studying programming is the most difficult aspect of figuring out how and where to start. Choosing a web development course or an appropriate language is like pricking pearls and being specific about searching for top web development languages to make your website a scroll topper.

With popular and in-demand programming languages, a diverse range of applications work with online studies. As for learning programming skills, Udemy is one of the best ways to Self-learning web development. Choosing an impeccable programming language can help turn your fortunes around, depending on the hype, language tools, libraries, and support that you need for your business needs.

The top web development languages and frameworks to learn include:

  1. REACT

    A custom Javascript language is built and maintained by Facebook. React JS is a declarative, efficient, and open-source Javascript library for building simple and fast front-end web applications. With a popular framework to drive MEAN and MERN, React JS comes with key benefits of speed, flexibility, performance and usability, it is easy to learn and helps build a rich user interface.
  2. Javascript

    It is a text-based programming language that is used on both the client and server side to make interactive web pages. Javascript is supported by Google and can increase the speed of web app development. The language with jQuery, JS, and vanilla is suitable for server-side development, server applications, game development, and building web servers. With web apps like Netflix and Candy Crash, the simple, flexible, easy to debug and easy to learn programming language shows versatility and strength.
  3. PHP

    PHP is one of the preferred languages for web applications. Making a smart choice for creating fully functional PHP development services, WordPress is the most popular software application built in PHP. An open source language makes it ideal for static and dynamic websites. Suitable for learning and content management systems, it is a powerful framework with top web applications such as WordPress, Yahoo, Tumblr, MailChimp, and Facebook.
  4. Django and Python

    The two most popular programming languages are Python and Django. Python is an interpretive programming language, whereas Django is a full-featured framework with automated tools helpful in building and maintaining quality apps. By choosing Udemy’s best Python courses, you can create apps and scale them to millions of users.
  5. Ruby on Rails

    The Ruby on Rails framework is widely regarded as one of the best languages to showcase in recent years.a strong focus that it is an open source programming language. Following object-oriented programming, the source code of Twitter, Basecamp, Shopify, Dribble, and more is created by it. There are numerous qualities, and RoR works to be more agile and expressive.


    It is vital to not get caught up in colorful developments or popularity competitions when choosing which web programming language to choose. Even though the world of computer programming is changing, the languages we have mentioned have lasting power.

    There are many coding languages that can make you a good web developer. Here are five top ones that will be good. Not this year, but in upcoming years, Udemy helps you master the language and get into shape. Choose a career path based on your interests and the type of application development you would like to choose.

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